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Lady is the epitome of a corgi. She is very well behaved and eager to please, but also loves having fun with the kids and going out to rope. She is beyond loyal and doesn’t stray far from your heels. We got Lady from Emery County, Utah and she has been the perfect addition to our family! We love her so much!

IMG_8851 Copy.jpeg


This little fluff ball is our newest obsession around here. She was our first full fluffy corgi and if you haven’t seen her running through the field then you are missing out! She came from Worthington Corgi Co in Spanish Fork. She has the calmest demeanor, loves being around the other dogs and horses, and is so eager to please. We love her!



AKA Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez Jr. Benny is the best boy! He is on the smaller side which is exactly what you want in a corgi breeder-male. We brought Benny in all the way from Kansas City, MO because of his amazing genetics and champion bloodline. Benny is such a happy dog and I swear he always has the biggest smile on his face. You can’t help but smile when you around him.

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